Police warns UK students

Police warn students over bike-riding iPhone theft gang targeting Oxford Road and Hulme areas of Manchester – Manchester Evening News.

A range of bike-riding criminals are grabbing cellular phones from clients’ arms. Police are cautioning unaware people on the streets to be careful after a sequence of bicycle installed break-ins. In the last two several weeks, 11 learners have been focused as they spoke or texted on their cellular phones by men driving up behind them on their bicycle. Since the start of Feb, the group has hit on the Oxford Road and Hulme places. All the cell cellular phones taken have been iPhone 4s or iPhone 5 designs –  value several numbers of weight, even second side. Police have walked up patrols in the place and are also cautioned learners to keep iPhones out of vision where possible in community venues. PCSO Hannah Nicholas from Longsight cops place, said: “With these break-ins, it is mainly learners being focused because they are the ones with their iPhones out text messaging and discussing. “With the grab break-ins, it is normally a man on a bicycle who comes up behind an undergraduate, grabs them by shock and requires the cell phone. “They pattern off very easily so the individual does not see their experience or outfits well, but the explanations of violators recommend it is more than one individual doing this.” Police are also cautioned of another fraud, where men with clipboards appearing as charitable organization volunteers have diverted individuals seated in bars along Oxford Road to grab their cell phones. They have hit on Costa Java and 8th Day, where individuals seated with their cellular phones on the desk have been approached

They then ask individuals to make a contribution with a clipboard used to cover up and grab their cellular phones. Most of the grab break-ins have taken place around Hulme and Oxford Road, to Stretford Road, Higher Stream Road and Unit Road Western by the RNCM being particular locations. PCSO Nicholas said:  “We’re suggesting  individuals to be conscious of their environment and keep their iPhones out of vision. “We’d also recommend placing a security password on your cell phone, installing a monitoring system onto it and applying it on the Immobilize web page so if it’s retrieved we can come back it.”



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