Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming better watch out Iphone 5

As we draw nearer to a Samsung Unpacked function in March reports and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S4 (S IV) phone appear to be to be growing by the time. It’s predicted that the flagship Galaxy S4 will be revealed at the function for a possible relieve in late March or April and we have news around Galaxy S4 huge unit manufacturing, so large in reality that it could strike the Apple iPhone 5S /6.



Prior this month Samsung the huge manufacturer was setting big sales goals for the Galaxy S4 with report goals of 100 million units. That seemed basically incredible at the time thinking about that the first Galaxy S sold 20 million units, the Galaxy S2 sold 40 million units and the current Galaxy S3 had also sold 40 million units by mid-January. In fact we considered if we had observed this right as the news meant that Samsung expected selling more than double the amount of the S4 than the S3 so far.

However, this has now been supported up as well recognized Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has advised clients that Samsung will certainly be providing close to 100 million of the Galaxy S4. Anything that hadn’t happened to us formerly was how this large number might affect the manufacturing of Apple’s next iPhone




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