Connecticut school shooting 28 children dead

Sandy Hook School Shooting Newtown

A complete of 28 affected individuals passed away when the gunman, named Adam Lanza, 20, started shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, City of Newtown, 60 kilometers from New York. He passed away at the school and the body of his mom, Nancy Lanza, was discovered in his house. She had been shot in the face.
He used weaponry such as two handguns — a Glock and a Sig Sauer — and a .233 Bushmaster gun was discovered in a car at the college.

This incident is the second-deadliest in U.S. Record and one of the most harmful huge shootings all over the globe. A gunman at VA Technical School murdered 33, such as himself, in 2007. Only VA Technical and the huge murders of 77 in a Norwegian last year had a greater loss of life tolls across the globe over the past 20 years.

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Adam Lanza

Who is Adam Lanza?

He received an awards higher education student who lived with his mom, a well-liked lady who was loved throughout the neighborhood.

Her son Adam Lanza is alleged of eliminating his mom and then gunning down more than two numbers of individuals, 20 of them kids, at a Connecticut grade school before getting rid of his own life.

The 20-year-old man was experiencing from a mental problem called personality disorder, confirmed by authorities.

Investigators were trying to understand as much as possible about Lanza and inquired his family members, who is not considered to have any participation in the shootings.

Lanza’s auntie said her nephew was brought up by kind, caring mother and father who would not have hesitated to search for psychological help for him if he required it.

So there are still questions on the motive behind such disgusting action, Why ?


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