The Grid Computing

The Grid

Grid Computing Concept

Grid is an infrastructure that involves the integrated and collaborative use of computers, networks, databases and scientific instruments owned and managed by multiple organizations” [1]. Grid applications require a high amount of processing power as it involves a large amount of data which can be heterogeneous and across organizational boundaries [1]. This paper presents a new idea and scope in which grid technology can be applied. Health and security is the most important in one’s life. There is a huge amount of data that is collected daily by hospitals, clinics, research centre, camps etc these data when brought together with security data of police and fire department can be an invaluable resource. The help of doctors, scientist, researchers, engineers and police is highly required. This can be made possible with the help of grid. Public will be highly benefited by such projects.


Health and security is an important factor in life. Whether a child, adult or old a good health enables one to perform daily work. Without health one is helpless. One should always take care to be healthy. Health being an important factor should be given the most priority. An individual should have access to all the relevant health information of himself regardless to the place where he is. Grid can create an intelligent system to assist heath care professionals and patients to receive better options.

Now the question that arises is “what is a health grid”?. “A health grid uses information and communication technologies to develop an intelligent environment” [2] this system has the following advantages

ü  Enables ubiquitous management of citizen’s health status

ü  Assists health professionals in coping with some major challenges

ü  Integrates the advances in health knowledge into clinical practice


There are projects like EGEE and GEMSS who are working for the health grid computing. “The European GEMSS Project is concerned with the creation of medical Grid service prototypes and their evaluation in a secure service-oriented infrastructure for distributed on demand/supercomputing” [3]. Currently the GEMSS project middleware provides negotiable QoS support for time critical ervice provision and flexible support for business models. It ensures the safety of information of the patient in accordance with EU law [3]. The EGEE project provides a grid infrastructure and plans to run biomedicine and medical IT along with other applications.

All the projects so far concern mainly health but do not connect health and security. This project extends more than just health. It adds the security feature which will be discussed in the next section.  Health girds are at a very early stage and require more time to be fully implemented. It should be very reliable as it is a high responsibility.



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