Was it fixed ? India Vs Pakistan World cup semi final……

Today There were charges made against the match which led India To world cup victory yes i am talking about the historical semi final 2011 India Vs Pakistan. One of Pakistan’s former board of cricket head has asked ICC to make in depth investigation for this match. UK’s Daily mail News paper published this report, Mr Ed Hawkins who is the reporter for this paper said that Indian Bookmaker had accurately predicted what would happen in Pakistan’s innings against India.

The reporter said the bookmaker’s name was Parthiv who sent him Tweet during the Indian Innings and when Pakistan batted, he accurately predicted that the batting side would reach 100 runs easily and after they would lose 21 wickets further more he also disclosed  that pakistan would lose the match more then by 20 runs. And India won by 29 runs and got a place into history and final.

The Daily Mail reporter Hawkins did not specifically placed any allegations but he states that it is in 405 to  1 chance that prediction would become true. But the turning factor in this story came when former Pakistani cricket head joined this matter and pointed out that pakistan’s sloppy fielding and Sachin’s four doped catches, and he went on to score 85 runs.

Hawkins does not make any specific allegation of match-fixing but cites a statistician as saying the odds of the bookmaker predicting the outcome in such detail purely by chance would be 405 to one against.

Suspicions were raised at the time, particularly over Pakistan’s sloppy fielding — they dropped Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar four times as he made a match-winning 85.

ICC has said they would like a former complain and further process will be disclosed afterwords.

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