How to Make Pauva Bataka? Gujarati breakfast Dish

Here in UK we always miss Indian specially Gujarati food. Here is the dish for making “Pauva Bataka” Which is the most famous breakfast dish in whole Gujarat. All Gujarati people love this dish, it’s made out of pauva which is also called poha and Btaka(Potato). This dish is made to taste sometimes spicy, tangy and sweet, and goes with tea or coffee. Here is the way to make pauva bataka.

Ingredients for three dishes 

Pauva                                                                                            200 grams

Onions well chopped                                                               2-3

Potato well chopped                                                                2-3

tomato                                                                                            1

peanuts                                                                                         50 grams

coriander                                                                                     enough dressing

Green chill                                                                                    3

Oil                                                                                                     3 tbl spoon

mustard seeds                                                                              1 small spoon

salt                                                                                                     to teats


First of all put pauva in water just enough to make them soggy, then take water out and keep them a side.

Take a frying pan and put 3 table spoon of oil and let it heat up.

After a 3-5 mins put muster seeds in oil

After 2 mins you will hear crackling sound of  musters seeds you put onion and potatoes in the frying pan and let it cook for 10 min on medium heat.

After 10 Mins put salt and turmeric powder 3 small spoons and mix well after you have mixed it you need to put wet pauva in to the frying pan.

And mix Pauva genitally for 3-4 mins

And after that take it off the gas and dress it with chopped tomatoes and coriander leaves.

Note: You can also put lemon juice as well for tangy taste.


2 responses to “How to Make Pauva Bataka? Gujarati breakfast Dish

  1. good one….i have a compliant to make….ye kabh banaya ….aur meh kaha peh tha…not fair….

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