Evaluation of Advertising

Those days are behind us when all companies needed to worry about was pricing and quality in place of that now company’s has to present itself as a entity which is incorporated with local and global market. This is achieved trough planning and implementing advertising strategy, so many companies in recent years are making them self involved in social and environmental areas trough advertising. This is because of these areas providing more impact to the people’s awareness of brand.


Advertising strategies is so important to a business because it gives an extra edge to brand awareness in market. This has resulted in to a forcing factor that gives company a new point of view which includes factors such as environmental, social and local markets. Advertising strategies makes improvement in marketing strategies. This can result in to positive image creation in front of today’s most powerful marketing tool media. his report is based on standardisation of advertisement in EU is appropriate till what extent. European union standards of marketing has been restricted and less published in terms of regulations, legislations. This was broken through in 1984 when a single united market was formed by governments in EU. This does not mean that anyone can advertise without any regulations but every government in EU had their own set of rules to put regulations on advertisement. This system developed by government had their own departments of dealing with misleading advertising and associated regulations. After 2005 there is another organization formed by European Legislation which is Unfair Commercial Practices Directive. This department works between business and consumer to deal with advertising misleading and other issues related with advertisement. This is just one area of advertising but advertising in today’s market has become competitive and thus I is important to have a standardisation in advertising in order to keep balance in marketing strategies implemented by companies. “Nowadays a website can provide growing opportunities, in the context of stagnation markets, consumer behavior changes and the loss of national marketing autonomy. At the present, the European Union markets of perfumes, cosmetics, and hygene products reach 69.5 billion Euros.”[6] There is a new branch in marketing which has been growing very rapidly into a big aspect in to business. Marketing trough website is becoming an important medium for companies which are multinational. This paper’s studies focuses on some of web marketing areas which are yet to be discovered in EU markets. These areas mostly are based on standardisation and adaptation. But there is always a war going in advertising between standardisation and adaptation because one has to suffer in order for one to be implemented success fully. Standardisation in advertising means a policy which includes communication rules which are same to all of the regions where advertising is done by company, this also means that company will also use the same elements of advertising in all regions compared to the local market. Now to empower this company needs to lay hands of adaptation because adaptation means adapting the advertising to regional markets which makes advertising different than local market. EU markets are combination of different geological areas and cultures now in order to get effective consumer market company would have to have effective way of advertising. In order to do that standardisation is required to make sure that all rules are being followed according to the advertisement law in EU. “Consequently, adaptation of creative presentations and decentralized implementations of campaigns should offer greater benefits than less culturally-tied functions (Hite and Fraser, 1990). Other reasons for adaptation are accurate positioning arguments and price discrimination (Shoham, 1995). When national markets are more similar within than between countries, adaptation results in a more accurate positioning, leading to higher prices due to price discrimination (Shoham, 1999).”[4] A standard of advertising is the most important factor while advertising in EU because people are really aware and conscious of consumer rights and company operations. This only can be possible if media is really transparent and active which is really commendable for EU. On other hand adaptation is also required in EU because EU is mix of different nations and culture. This cultural difference can be most important factor to effect standardisation in advertising. But this is not the only factor which can effect standardisation in advertisement, there are several which would be discussed furthechapters.



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